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"This is awesome!  I LOVE it!!

V Carver, CSC

“I worked with Tom for over a year in a collaborative role while publishing a comprehensive reference text for healthcare professionals. I found him to be intuitive, logical, and principled. He has great wit which makes working together delightful. I highly recommend him for his professionalism and talent.”

Patti G. Grota PhD, CNS-M-S, CIC

"Good clean copy. Tight.

J. Rensberger, COAUSPHS


I'm now collaborating with my close friend and author, Anna Leigh, to create romantic fiction.  I also enjoy making complex or technical information understandable to those without the technical background. For three years, I wrote a newspaper column doing exactly that. I  have extensive experience writing scientific articles, technical reports, and presentations.  

If you have a need – or a desire to explore – how I might benefit you or your organization, contact me to find out what I can do for you. You could do it yourself, but why?  I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University and my Doctor of Dental Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. I have had  additional training in oral medicine and graduate studies in psychology.  

Tel:  +1 301 537 6894 |


For any media inquiries, please contact me at

In The Press

Thomas Weaver

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